Budget Ideas for Christmas Holidays

chrstimasmarketFill your Expert Option journal with free museums and activities for your kids. We have gathered a couple of ideas for you. There is no reason to make them sit and watch television. Thrill waits.

Museums for Kids

They are free and they are ensured to set your children’s imaginations fine. Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery:

Bristol Museum possesses a Curiosity – an under 7’s interactive discovery area full of interactive exhibits from all over the globe. This and a lot of awe-inspiring pieces will have expertoption review your children captivated.

The Natural History Museum, London

Filled with life-size dinosaur skeletons, a stuffed whale, unnerving creatures from the deep sea and a lot of other mind-numbing exhibits. The Natural History Museum is a favorite for many grownups and kids also.

The Science Museum London

The Science Museum’s Launch Pad is a large interactive area filled with fascinating hands-on experiments and games that look like nothing but magic. It’s safe to say that your children would want to spend an entire afternoon there.

National Football Museum, Manchester

It’s to free of cost to enter the National expert option review Football Museum. Children can dress themselves like Footballers in the Discovery Zone, other than participating in various other activities. If your kid is a football fan. National Football Museum is a mandatory see.

National Railway Museum, York

Children can enjoy displays of awe-worthy steam engines and get included in the Paddington Bear-themed activities that include storytelling and shows. The National Railway Museum is a great example of great educational fun.

Mansfield Museum, Nottinghamshire

An unsung hero in the ocean of museums is the Mansfield Museum. It is one of the tiniest museums in this provided list. It’s beautiful and very child-friendly. There are trails and games for children as well as the chance for them to create their own plates.

Methil Heritage, Fife

Methil Heritage in Fife, Scotland boasts constantly changing displays, free kids exercises and craft opportunities. Visit their website to see what’s available at present.

You can request a complimentary copy of the Kids in Museum Manifesto that is an entire of visitor’s suggestions on UK’s Child-friendly museums, maybe you will be inspired to go to couple of the places mentioned. Information on how to order your copy can be seen by visiting the link provided.

Group Activities

Take your little ones with you to indulge in activities with other children. It aids in enhancing their social skills and makes it’s a lot more fun than a twosome outing.
Novotel Hotels, various UK locations

Reserve your place for complimentary hour long slot at your nearest Novotel (33 presently participating) and go with your 5-11 year old heroes for fun filled exercises. Anticipate crafts, educational games, a chill out area, free smoothies and a lot more.

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

From the 16th to 21st kids can create a town from a cardboard or participate in a graffiti workshop for free at Wales Millenium Centre. If you have not been there, you should definitely see this magnificent building which is an outcome of an international design competition.

The V&A Museum of Childhood, London

Explore toys and games from all the years, all showcased in colorful display cases at a kid’s height. Your children can enjoy games, do crafts and become a part of creative storytelling. The V&A Museum of Childhood urges interaction and team fun.

Imagine Children’s Festival, London

Get included with London’s Imagine Children’s Festival for exercises, shows, story time, dress-up, book swaps, baby yoga, exhibitions and a lot more, majority of which are free. See what events is free prior using the “free activities and events” tab on their webpage. It happens at the Southbank Centre and continues till Monday 23rd February.

Mini Vault Festival, London

The Mini Vault Festival is complimentary to enter. Couple of the shows and few workshops costs some amount and have to be reserved beforehand but most of them are complimentary, and you and yours can spend a good day just looking around, meeting exciting characters, strolling through the brilliant installations and listening to the band. Kids will be able to participate in the craft tables from 10am to 3 pm on each day of the festival and it’s absolutely free.

Get Outdoors:

Print the National Trust’s List: 50 Things to Do before You Turn 11 and ¾. Create a dam, explore inside a tree, and create a house for wildlife and a lot more.

Go on a family fun trail. This brilliant website informs you about all treasure trails, adventures and spy hunts presently happening in outdoor spaces around UK.

Get Stuck in a Book

You can rely on your local library to have booked an entire programme of exciting exercises for children over half term. Crafts, play-acting, storytelling, music, reading incentives and what not. Locate your closest library here.

LEGO Magazine Subscription

Register for a free year subscription for LEGO magazine. You will receive regular copies of their magazine at the comfort of your doorstep. It’s enough to keep your kids busy for the entire year, always check freebie websites.

Get Arty

Print these exciting Disney Frozen activities and make your small ones silent for a few hours. Is there a kid breathing on this planet that doesn’t have an obsession with Frozen? Create paper crafts, color in and play games with this outstanding store of printables.

Weekend Box for Kids

Request your Weekend Box for Kids – it’s filled with fun stuff to keep your children busy. Obtain your first box free (Normally 7.50) and cancel your registration prior it’s rolling on.

DIY Kids’ Workshops at B&Q

Reserve your complimentary B&Q kids’ workshop with experienced professionals. Kids adore these exciting workshops; there is a little something for the entire family to rejoice.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Jam Art Competition

Help your kids compete in Robinsons Fruit Shoot Jam Art competition. Submit a picture to Robinson’s Facebook page and you can win a Merlin yearly family pass or at the very least Robinsons squeezy jam! Ends 16th April 2015.

Craft for Kids

There are thousands of DIY craft ideas for children on Pinterest. Type craft for kids in the search bar and see the beautifully lit colorful photos till your child likes something. Majority of the ideas need usual household products like shaving foam, laundry detergent and vinegar.

Happy Holidays!

With all these activities to keep your kids occupied, the Half term holidays will go by quickly. What a shame that’s it’s just a week, but there are plenty of free baby stuff to do with your kids, and if you find any offers please keep us posted what you get up to in the Comments area below:

Work Harder to be Worse Off – Summer Budget

So they slid in a new budget the reason being… well they can. I will have you know that I am not involved into politics and all that, not to mention understand it. I am just aware that unless either you open your eyes with a golden spoon in your mouth, get higher education (land one of those hi-fi jobs everyone wants) or have won the lottery. Life will be difficult. Even more difficult if you are not the usual 2.4 kids and two parent household. A lot of single parents will likely never make enough to give all advantages. They will not have the budget put the fear of God in them to view how much worse off they will become – or how much they are held responsible for the present or any financial conditions.

So has the pleasantly named Summer Budget been a beam of sunshine or a usual British summer and a washout?

The three fundamental cuts have been:

  • £6 billion slice to tax credits, the renewed universal credit and housing allowances (April 2017) – New claimants will miss the credit qualification for more than 2 kids, loosing on average £3,670 per annum.
  • Cuts to employment allowances – presently credits begin to be pulled back once household income exceeds £6420. The amount will come down to £3850. Oh and they will be at the quicker pace too.
  • A 4 year cease in working age benefits – this is assessed to effect 13 million families and also affects the very child benefit that David Cameron vowed to safeguard.
  • All the headlines were bragging about the increase to working families as Osborne likewise increasing the income tax threshold and the new sparkly National Living Wage. These increases don’t compensate for the above mentioned losses though. They didn’t speak about that a lot.

So what about a few cases to understand it a little better, Well as indicated by the figures at Resolution Foundation.

  • A low earning single parent with one kid, working 20 hours a week at £9.35 per hour will be £1,000 a year worse off. That is the benefit linked with the increment in the personal tax allowance is more than offset by decrease in benefit entitlement. To offset this decrease in disposable income would need an increase of £3,400 in earnings – which is equal to one off 35% rise in earnings, 15 years of stable 2% pay rises, or expanding their hours by 7 hours a week.
  • A low earning dual-earner couple with two kids both making 9.35 per hour will be 850 worse off annually. They will require a one-off increase in earnings of 10 percent to overcome these losses which equals to 5 years of stable 2% pay or a 5 hour increase in the second earner’s weekly working time.
  • An average earning dual earner couple without kids where both make 15 per hour will be 350 worse off as an outcome of which is a rise in personal tax allowance.

So I go under the single parent one child category as my older one completes college soon. What should I anticipate? Ah yes less cash even though logically will be making more and If I want to recover that 1000 loss a year I am required to make additional 3400 to accomplish it. That’s just great. And people still seem to think that single parents have it all so easy. As a single mother who works two jobs which comes up to more than a full time job and is still worse than various family types. I hope someone would give me one of them magical saucers.

Postnatal me

Presently as I sit here writing this, it has been a little over two weeks since I brought my second kid Tanya into this world. Prior to his birth, I would have said that I would have anticipated that at this numerous days baby postnatal, Id only be beginning to accordingly recoup, maybe by this time, I may have had the power to go ahead and bathe by myself and saunter about a bit like usual. But actually this time all that took place inside few hours of birthing.

When I gave birth to my first child (June) I had no clue what’s in store for me. I hadn’t thought how I’d feel subsequent to giving birth but I undoubtedly didn’t anticipate feeling as bad as I did. I wasn’t able to stand up at all feeling like I was going to black out, I felt fragile, drained and always lightheaded. Being that I am not the individual who ever takes lying about and resting extremely well and because I was experiencing such claustrophobia in the ward, I asked to be released from the hospital in spite of not feeling prepared. At the house, a couple of days later I tried to bathe by myself without my husband’s assistance but I wounded up fainting in the shower, waking up to discover myself trembling involuntarily at the bottom of the bath. I wound up back at the hospital with a suspected blood clot when they learned that my oxygen levels would fall considerably each time I stood up, however gratefully further tests revealed that there were no clots.

I am certain that it was a mixture of things that made me feel so ailing after having June; I’ve generally figured it to be having low blood pressure worsened by the epidural (which is commonly analyzed to lower blood pressure levels). The epidural made me feel bit alien in general (as considerate it was for taking the torment of contractions away). I also lost a considerable volume of blood after giving birth to June and I doubt that my iron levels may also have been a bit down. It took me a couple of weeks to feel normal again after having June, it was physically and mentally tough, especially when looking over other new mums on the ward apparently bob out of the bed the same or following day after they had given birth.

Id rationally set myself up this time around, I was prepared to acknowledge that Id possibly need to spend a couple of days if not more recuperating in bed after having Tanya. Contrary to my expectations, much to my surprise this time around, things had been altogether different. I was stable and up on my feet and even released from the hospital the very same day that I gave birth to Tanya. I was provided a better injection to aid deliver my placenta, unlike the injection that I was provided when I gave birth to June. It implied that I didn’t lose as much blood as I did previously. I also didn’t get the epidural till ten minutes prior to Tanya’s birth as there were not any anesthetists accessible, Id felt specifically disappointed at that time as my labour with Tanya had been extremely excruciating but then because I was immobile and couldn’t get up and get the epidural done properly reason being my continual pain, the epidural try failed entirely. So despite the fact that I didn’t receive any pain aid, it implied that I wasn’t feeling numb which in turn implied that I could stand up and saunter inside of an hour of giving birth, which after what Id rationally readied myself for felt pretty fabulous.

Postnatal, I’ve felt so good this time around, I figured out how to shower at the hospital without anyone’s assistance hours later of Tanya’s birth and I was even fine and preparing a home-made dinner at the house the following day. Regardless of the fact that Tanya’s birth was rather difficult than June was, my post-birth experience this time around has been significantly better. Mentally, I was feeling fantastic too. In the previous two and a half weeks I’ve had only two “Oh my God I am exhausted, depleted, consumed and no knowledge of what day, month or year it is (though both of these days are together with Tanya going through with severe trapped wind and signs of colic).

The initial couple of weeks with a new baby are undoubtedly not a piece of cake, specifically if you toss a baby in to the mix and top that with two home organizations that neither my husband or I are on their leaves from. I am just now beginning to just run with it though and do my best to ease up regarding things more. Truth be told, I assume that I will always be the type of individual that appears to like functioning at one hundred and ten miles per hour.

My Pregnancy Favorites

I’ve settled on not naming this post as Pregnancy essentials as none of these things are truly essential to pregnancy; they are just quite handy and have turned into pregnancy favorites of myself. Additionally I have also shot and uploaded a video for my YouTube channel, so if you want to have a little watch, you can discover it below:

Orange Juice and Spatone:

I am not certain if that’s totally a craving as such but I truly have a thing for Freshly squeezed orange juice amidst pregnancy – It was also like this when I was pregnant with Ethan. Whenever I have it, I feel rejuvenated like I have been filled with energy. Its hilarious as just after a few weeks after I had Ethan, I quit buying it that lot (If at all) so I am certain that my adoration for orange juice is pregnancy related. I attempt to add Spatone to my orange juice if I remember to, to those who do not know of Spatone – it is an iron rich water so it is known to aid with iron levels, which amid pregnancy particularly in the third trimester can get a little low.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge:

I am one of those individuals who just need to sleep with something in the middle of their legs – despite of the pregnancy. I cannot believe how uncomfortable it is to have my knee caps touching so Id generally use any pillow to diminish my discomfort. I recently saw this little gem though in the face of a pregnancy wedge from Boppy and it has turned into my new best pal! It’s the ideal size for what I use it for and it can furthermore be used to prop up the bump if I am not too cozy. It’s also more pleasant on the eye than the pillow I used previously.

Stretch Mark Creams and Oils:

I don’t have a specific favorite when it descends to stretch mark creams or oils. I am aware that people recommend and say that Bio Oil is great and I have utilized it amidst this pregnancy( Its not pictured because I ran out and already have trashed the empty bottle) yet I am not certain if any of the things I used emerge out as my favorites. I think that’s may be because I still do have a couple of stretch marks despite utilizing the products that are intended to end them. Withstanding the fact that I still have stretch marks, I like using creams and oils that are intended to moisturize the skin on my extending stomach and who knows may be my stretch marks could have been much worse if I didn’t use them.

Cath Kidston Diary:

You are most likely pondering why I have included my diary in this article, it is a little odd one as it’s not in fact pregnancy related and I am completely true – I am not an organized diary user normally, but I seem to turn into an organized diary sorta gal while I am pregnant. When I initially got to know of my pregnancy, I went ahead and documented how far along I’d be ever week ahead of time. I also make use of it to stay on track with my scan dates, obstetrician appointments and any injections or vaccines I am scheduled to go through. I also utilize it to stay up to speed on my shifts at work and other normal going-on’s in our lives. I was exactly like this when I was pregnant with my first son but the same week that he was born I quit using my diary, haha! So my little advancement in the area of organizing is surely a pregnancy thing.

Maternity Nightie from the Essential One:

Ah! I adore a nice nightie! For me, there is nothing superior than being cuddled up all nice and cozy in my sleepwear, a pair of slippers and my robe – its ecstasy and even better during pregnancy. The nightie is new and I got it from The Essential One, it is by all means an accurate maternity nightie and is truly beautiful on. Even Adam said that it looked really beautiful. I will be bringing it with me in my hospital bag and though I would prefer not to mess it up, I think I may put it on during labour as its just truly cozy and nice to wear ( and is undoubtedly amazing).


I love slippers and I am addicted to them – I wear them all the time. I adore them because they are so cozy and warm and not even the warm heat can isolate me from my slippers! The above are from Tesco and are the ones that I will be bringing along with myself in my hospital bag as being bare backed they are much tinier compared to my normal boot slippers so will occupy less space in the bag. They are featured here as a pregnancy favorite as when you are pregnant it’s all about being cozy.

Pregnancy ++ application

I really adore this application and I am a loyal user. I used it all along through my pregnancy with Ethan too. Its known as Pregnancy ++ or there is also a different version (Which I think is the free version though don’t quote me) known as Pregnancy +. It’s such a great application for pregnancy; there are numerous elements on it infact it is filled with each and everything regarding pregnancy. My favorite features are the week after week updates, 3D and scan pictures of the baby the exact week as yours look like, infant size guide, infant name list, pregnancy timeline and bump development pictures. Every Monday I sit and read the week by week pregnancy update to Adam and we get so thrilled – I adore it!

Paracetamol and Pregnacare:

I don’t take pain relief medicine too often unless I completely need to yet I needed to incorporate paracetamol as it is the single most pain relief you can ingest while you are expecting. I have utilized it a couple of times throughout my pregnancy to help with my back pain and headaches so it is featured on my list. On a different note, I have been taking the Pregnacare vitamin every day during my pregnancy. Its prescribed by obstetrician as being the best vitamins to take while you are expecting so just like when it was with Ethan – it’s been my go to pregnancy vitamin.


I feel so fortunate to be sitting here with my healthy and cheery young boy and to be 36 weeks pregnant with my second little boy. I am at a loss for words when it descends to explaining how thankful I am for everything I am blessed with. But feeling appreciative is one thing and feeling completely drained is another. And amidst this pregnancy, I’ve encountered a great deal of both of those things.

My second pregnancy while it seems to have passed quickly has felt more difficult than my first. I at times ponder if maybe it’s just that I lost memory of how exhausted I felt while I was pregnant with June or maybe I was just as tired but possibly it’s how they say it is giving birth.. You quickly cease to think about the negatives since what’s bygone is bygone and you are left with the most priceless thing you can ever think of. Who knows- all I know is that amidst this pregnancy encompasses an actual fog of depletion.

I’ve depended on my husband a great deal more so these last couple of months- nonstop he’s been my lifesaver yet I’ve experienced a great deal of guilt regarding that. I frequently get disappointed in myself for depending on him this lot. I’ve pondered a lot of time how women that don’t have their spouses at house as much as I do are able to pull it off and that makes me more baffled at myself and indeed that triggers my Mommy-guilt where I interrogate myself if I am appropriate enough mother as I haven’t sat on the floor and played with my little one as much as I could have recently and because I ceased to do all of that, at 31 weeks pregnant being the one to take her swimming or playgroup. But instantaneously bring my thoughts to a halt and starts moving up the spiral of guilty thoughts I am experiencing. I’ll make myself remember for the 1000th time, how utterly absurd I am acting. I softly but strongly make myself remember that I am pregnant – developing another human being within me, a human being that I will be bringing in the world in a couple of weeks’ time and possessing no energy is an integral part and parcel of the huge duty that I am requesting my body to perform.

It’s presently less than a week away until baby’s due date and regardless of the on-off exhaustion, Ill truly miss being pregnant. Personally I discover pregnancy somewhat similar to parenting in that respect it can be amazingly intense and astonishingly fantastic simultaneously. Unknown to the fact if this will be my final pregnancy kind of makes me want to clutch on to it and savor every little instant that much more (though, maybe not the part where I feel like a zombie). I realize that when it descends to glancing back on now and the next couple of weeks, it’s very possible that it all seems like a vague memory which is precisely what it feels when I flash back to having June. As a result of that, I am continually making myself remember not to long away these last couple of weeks and to ensure that I discover time to really cease and cherish them.

Pregnancy even though difficult at times is a gift. I’ll never quit feeling inspired by the utter enchantment our bodies can do and the truly fascinating way they can create the most unique and priceless tiny humans. Each day I spend hours visualizing what our baby will be like, what kind of identity he will lead on to possess and how it would feel to have a family of four. My heart is rejoiced with bliss and delight regarding these thoughts that I have genuinely never felt more content my whole life. After I had June, I have understood what my life is truly all about – it’s about family and bliss, it’s about producing recollections and sharing giggles. It’s about rejoicing the highs and grasp from the lows. Its regarding bringing up your kids most excellent way you can possibly muster and it’s about feeling glad of each small detail they do and will go on to do.

And when you consider the tough times you experience amidst your pregnancy and then you consider it, then all the exhaustion, hurt, pains and whatever else begins to feel irrelevant – Don’t you agree?

How to prepare your child for a new Babysitter or Nanny

nannyWhen you are ready and have no option but to leave your kid in the watchful eye of a new babysitter or nanny, you and your child will profit by planning for the new person who is about to come into your kids life before the huge day arrives. With enough information and arrangements, your newborn or infant will feel sure and eager to meet his new caregiver. Below are a few suggestions to prepare your kid for this alteration in his life so there remains no anxiousness or fright when you leave him under the care of his new sitter.

Discuss about the Nanny/Sitter Weeks before they meet:

Before you spring another individual on your kid, set aside a little time to talk about the sitter prior to the real in-person meeting. By including the sitter in your everyday conversation, your kid will feel like he is already acquainted with the sitter prior actually meeting. Chat regarding the sitter’s eagerness to meet the family. Talk about what she looks like and what she likes doing. Let your kid make inquiries and discover as much as possible regarding the sitter. If she is fine with it, organize a pre-meeting telephone call or Face Time chat. When they meet, your kid will feel good now that he now knows a little about her. He will feel as if they have known each other already. This will put your kid’s fear of the unknown under control.

Get Some New Games or Toys for When the Sitter Comes:

To make the first meeting with the new sitter something your kid would anticipate, buy some new games and toys for your kid that he can engage in for the very first time with the sitter. With the expectation of the fun and something new to play with, he will not be able to resist until the sitter comes and they can play together. This will make a positive bond to the sitter. Your child and the sitter will create a special bond exploring the new games and toys as a team.

Make Artwork or Special Treats for the Sitter:

Children adore making grownups proud of them. Your kid will savor in making something good for the new sitter. He can draw a photo for her or bake biscuits with you to have with the sitter. Once the sitter comes, your kid’s presents will make her smile and in return will make your kid happy as well. Your kid will anticipate seeing her to gifts each time she comes by to take care of him. The sitter can take all the special gifts with her to make her remember of what a critical part she played in your kid’s life.

How did you go by making your kid ready to meet the new sitter?

Dream Duvet Day

duvetdayfeature.jpgWhen I was a child, it was unbelievable to have a duvet day. You were forced to stay in bed if you were badly but that wasn’t contemplated as luxury, it was like torment. Other children would be out playing and you were to only see through the window, another kind of torture. My parents never had duvet days. Mother stayed asleep till 9 am but only one time simply because it was her birthday. Life was all about getting up sunny and early, continuing with your day and sleeping at bedtime. If you had free time, it’s a given that you had failed to do something.

Fast Forward to life as a grown up and the term duvet day is presently used in whispering tones like its something great and prohibited. Well, with all honesty it is. I mean a day, an entire day, lying in bed just because you are able to. The utter indulgence of it. It’s turning into such a thing that the great mattress people at Eve Mattress wish to be acquainted with everything regarding our dream duvet days.

I guess I probably have blogged about mattresses and their significance previously. As I have M.E, I am every so often in a lot of distress. Not particular pain in my big toe but pain all around. Each thing just pains. Parts that I was not aware could hurt yelled out that they can hurt too. Tiny errands like brushing hair turn into a form of torment. Wearing a sock… Overlook the fact that it is all way down below and if I reach there, I will never retract. So beds turn into best mates for M.E sufferers. We can curl up in the breezy sheets. Cuddle up in soft pillows. Imagine for a while that it will go away.

So my ideal duvet day would be very plain truly as I would rejoice the simplicity and peace of the day.

  • Huge fluffy duvet and pillows in breath taking covers. Egyptian cotton or fancy girly covers.
  • Terrible weather. I would love to see the raindrops hitting the windowpane when comfortable inside.
  • Additionally if it was bright outside, I’d feel remorseful that I aint out sorting the weeds.
  • My kindle with full battery.
  • Food supply. Anything that doesn’t make crumbs.
  • I would sit, sprawl, lie face up, and lie nestled into the quiet. In peace. Wonder. Think. Rejoice.

Oh and one last essential point, the children need to be away all day as I have discovered the fastest way to get them to never quit talking is to only mouth that you require a little peace.

What might be your fantasy duvet day?

What does my hospital bag contain?

Now that my pregnancy is soon to be concluded and I’ll be greeting my second little son and will be addressing to myself as a proud mum of two sons. I feel like I am almost ready, we still have a couple of things to take care of but we are so prepared to see our little boy now. My hospital bag is all prepared by myself but things are still pending that will be put together at the very end like cameras, phone chargers and some makeup for myself but this is some of the stuff that is still in everyday use so it’s a tad bit hard to pre-plan them.

Today I decided Id share with you how exactly I have prepared my hospital bag. Despite the fact that I have been a mother before and so understandably have prepared a hospital bag previously too, I was still a tad bit confused when it descended to reminding myself of everything that’s required so I resorted to the same hospital bag checklist that I utilized when pregnant with Ethan from C&G Baby Club, it’s fantastic because it covers each and everything you require prior and post labour and provides lots of tiny bits of suggestions and tips for packing.

The holdall that I am utilizing is from Pink Lining and is almost identical to this one. I adore it because not only is it astonishingly beautiful (Isn’t everything from Pink Lining) but it’s actually very roomy too – it precisely has room for loads of my things.

My toiletry bag is from Victoria Green and is filled with travel-sized mini’s, containing a fold out toothbrush, dry shampoo and the other normal toiletries ( All are displayed in the photo at the top). My make-up bag is by Cath Kidston.


I’ve also put in some Magicool – a soothing spray for quick heat relief. My instincts say that it might be of use during labour particularly for a birth in the sunny season.

The tiny green night suit is what Adam and I have chosen as baby’s first clothes and its by John Lewis. We also put in two muslin cloths from aiden and anais and from John Lewis respectively. The marine themed bibs are by Next and we also put in a small pair of in fact that are once again by John Lewis.

Above is baby’s homecoming dress, the grey and white lined onesie is by The Essential One and is manufactured with the smoothest material, it is perfect as it not only seems and feel like it will be amazingly cozy for our drive home but its also kind of roomy too so it would fit him regardless of what size he is at birth. The blue cardigan I have is a couple of years old and was bought from Next; it was Ethan’s first cardigan.

We brought two infant hats with ourselves which were bought from Tesco, some scratch mittens to guard baby from abrading himself and also these amazing three pack of small vests by The Essential one that compliments the fabulous sleeping suits below.

These are baby’s cute identical night suits that we have with us; they are in size newborn and so astonishingly plush. I am so eager to watch him in these; I totally adore these three designs

I’ve also taken my Tesco Mum Maternity Towels and breast pads ( I utilized these particular identical ones after I gave birth to Ethan and they were incredible so I decided to use them again). I also have some infant size nappies (from Tesco), cotton wool balls, nappy bags and a pair of Diary Dolls – a guarded panties customized for post maternity and periods ( Ive heard good things about these so I am anticipating to see how they work for me). Ive likewise stuffed some Water Wipes though they hadn’t come in time for the picture, as I have heard they are useful in utilizing on sensitive skin as an alternative to warm water and cotton fleece being that they are produced with 99% water.

This Jellycat bunny is a Ethan’s present to his younger sibling. We adore the Jellycat range of plush toys and we realized it was ideal. Ethan got a Jellycat doggy which was a present from his grandparents when he came into the world and he lays with it every night so we are anticipating that baby#2 will adore his Jellycat bunny the same amount and will want to cuddle his Jellycat bunny to sleep every night too when he is a little elder.

As a present from Baby to Ethan, we are trying to do a lot of things we are sure Ethan would adore. We have a Spot the Dog Counting Book, a Peppa pig noisy book, a minion activity pack and a reusable sticker pad. I am hoping that this just doesn’t only help in getting my little two sons get acquainted with one another but it will also be something to occupy Ethan amidst his hospital visits.

I am packing these pink cat backless slippers from Tesco with myself to keep my feet warn and I have also keep baby’s grey and white lined comforter for when we return home. The hot water bottle is from Tesco and I took it reason being I used it on the base of my back amidst my back labour with Ethan and it really aided in soothing painful contractions.

I have already stuffed two nighties in my bag too. The navy one with white hearts is my outright favorite maternity nightie – it’s by The Essential One. I cannot tell you how beautiful it looks when I wear it, I am so happy to own it, its fits around my baby bump superbly. The second one I bought from Primark, it is not specially designed for maternity but I got it in a larger size up and so it fits around my bump superbly too. I packed my swimming suit too in case I am required to use the birthing pool and I also got two maternity bras, the white one is from the Essential One and the black and white dotted one is the nightie from my first pregnancy and I got it from Blossom.

I have also put in few snacks and beverages (Ill be also be bringing a water bottle along) to keep my hubby and I filled up if it’s a long labor.

I have packed a change of clothes, socks and an extra black panty with me. I packed this very cozy navy and white striped maternity top from The Essential One and dark stockings and also a maxi dress I bought some time back from Primark. I have truly tried to only choose the dresses that I know I will be really cozy in. They are wrinkled a bit after being stuffed in a bag for this much time so I will have to get them a little bit ironed.

Extra things I have packed since then or the things that aren’t pictured above:

  • Water Wipes.
  • Flip Flops and Antibacterial wipes for the hospital ward shower.
  • Lip balm to prevent my lips from getting dry.
  • My necklace from Adam for emotional reasons.
  • An eye mask to help me rest in the brightly lit ward.
  • Ethans gifts from the baby( I need some more things though – advice is welcome)
  • A BRITA filter water bottle.
  • A Towel.
  • A hair band.
  • A pair of flat shoes.

So now that you have had a glimpse inside my hospital bag, I wanted to ask you all if you think I have missed out anything essential? Is there anything (not already shown above) that perhaps came in handy during your labour that helped in improving your experience?


Understanding a Woman’s Egg Cycle and Ovulation

images (2)This article brought to you courtesy of Dr. Zeenobiyah Mc Gowan – A mother to one and Editor at Ovulationcalendar.com, a website that best predicts your most fertile days by using your big data and machine learning. Dr. McGowan has just become a mother adding to her fertility knowledge first hand.

Each menstrual cycle, your body discharges a mature egg hoping that a sperm will fertilize it. Luckily due to the modern methods of contraception, conception doesn’t take place every month. But unluckily for those who are trying to get pregnant, conception may not take place every month withstanding your need for it to happen. In order to fully comprehend this, it is imperative to understand the life cycle of a woman’s egg during its ovulating cycle.

It begins with a follicular phase:

The first day of your menstrual cycle is stamped as the first day of your period. One approach to explain the menstrual cycle is by the stages of the ovary (Ovarian Cycle); another approach is by the stages of uterus (Uterine Cycle). For this article, we will be continuing with the Ovarian Cycle. Every cycle starts with the follicular phase which goes on until ovulation. The moderate follicular phase length is normally encompasses a time period of approximately two weeks, but the length can differ from cycle to cycle. Amidst this time, a lot of ovarian follicles start maturing under the effect of hormone namely Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH). These follicles battle with one another for dominance and only one will begin developing. The dominant follicle will keep on growing until ovulation.

Ovulation Stage

The second stage of the ovarian cycle is ovulation. A surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) and FSH, which stays for about 24 hours, develops the egg in the dominant follicle which makes the follicle break and discharge the mature egg cell.

Next is the luteal stage

The last and final stage of the ovarian cycle is known as the luteal phase, which begins on the day after you ovulate and stops the day before your next period. After the egg has been discharged, it is cleared up by one of the fallopian tubes (Depending on which ovary discharged the egg). The egg will move down the fallopian tube towards the uterus where it will be hopefully fertilized by sperm.

The Time is ticking for the Egg

The luteal phase will go on for approximately 12 to 16 days from when you ovulate, yet once the egg is discharged, its time is very constrained. As a matter of fact, the egg only has life of about 12 to 2 hours and often time even less. After this time, the egg will start degenerating if not fertilized.

How does conception ever happen in such a limited time?

Luckily for the egg, the sperm has a longer life and can live in a woman’s body for up to five days and truly sperm has a lot more to do than egg so this makes sense. Since the sperm needs to go from the vagina, into the cervix and the uterus and then into the accurate fallopian tube before they have a shot at reaching the egg, they definitely require more time. So sperm that got into your body up to five days ago may have the capacity to fertilize the egg is a short period of time available.